Abdominoplasty / Abdomen lifting

Excessive weight gain and pregnancy, due to advancing age, the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall get flabby. This results in sagging of the abdominal skin and fat accumulation. The disappearance of the waistline and the thickening of the abdomen and waist area may disturb the person. The procedure to resolve these problems is abdominoplasty/abdomen lifting surgery.

How is Abdominoplasty performed?/ Abdomen lifting

The operation is performed with a transverse skin incision in the lower abdomen. During surgery, the abdominal skin and the underlying fat tissue are stripped and the excess tissue is removed.  In addition, the flabby abdominal wall and muscles are sutured to remove the abdominal slack. It is applied in two different ways: mini abdominoplasty and total abdominoplasty: Mini abdominoplasty: This method is applied to patients in whom abdominal skin excess and muscle laxity are seen in the lower part of the navel. In this method, only the incision is made in the lower part of the abdomen. Total abdominoplasty: This method can be applied to patients with excessive weight gain and losses, those who have had two or more pregnancies. In these patients, the anterior abdominal wall is flabby, the anterior abdominal wall and the waist region are overly fatd. Sagging can be seen. If necessary, the liposuction is applied to the area before surgery. Afterwards, the abdomen and waist area are formed by surgery. Abdominal lifting surgery is performed in the hospital with general anesthesia. The operation lasts between 2-4 hours. You need to stay in the hospital one day after the operation. Although pain is occasionally felt, the problem is alleviated by the use of painkillers. After one week, the patient can easily return to social life.