Brachioplasty Surgery

With fat deposits and skin loosening, sagging occurs over time in the upper, rear and inner parts of the arm. These saggings, which are come out of flabby with factors such as environmental factors, aging, rapid weight changes, family predisposition, and gravity, are becoming an aesthetic problem, especially for women. Although different solutions are produced in aesthetic surgery for arm sagging, arm liftining surgeries named Brachioplasty are performed as a definite solution.

Things to Know About Brachioplasty Surgery 

The sagging changing for each patient, the problems such as eventually deterioration of the quality of the skin, excessive fat and cracks, can be solved by brachioplasty surgery makes it obligatory. Arm Brachioplasty surgeries developed as a solution to the bat wing-shaped sags, which are formed from the upper part of the arm, the operation last between two and three hours.  The sagging of the arm is both transverse and longitudinal so that the sagging skin is removed by this operation both transverse and longitudinal. Another point you need to know before arm lifting is that you should stop taking medications like aspirin three days before the surgery. Post-operative scars are hidden in the transverse sections because they are hidden under the armpit, while scars in the longitudinal sections are visible. In addition, in the early stages, raised and red scars will begin to fade and become obscured. After the surgery, the arms should be held up for a few days. You may experience mild pain after the operation and you should avoid heavy work in the first weeks.