Brazilian Butt Lift (Buttock Augmentation)

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Butt fat injection (BBL) What is Brazilian butt lift ?

If there is a sagging of tissue in the buttock and basin area, the buttock appears low and hangs over the leg. This causes an unpleasant image. In addition, feminine lines are eliminated if there is fat in the waist and back.

Buttock fat injection surgery is the operation of shaping the central body area. So the waist, the buttock, and the upper leg are reshaped. Another name for this is Brazilian Butt Lift which means butt lifting surgery.

We provide this in two stages.

The first is the step of getting rid of unwanted fats; with the removal of the excess fat of the abdomen, waist, back, and buttock the body is thinning and taking a more healthy and beautiful shape.

In the second stage; I inject fat into areas that we think are empty. In this way, fullness is provided at the desired places, feminine figure contour occurs.

The First Stage of Surgery; Liposuction, Fat Removal

The Fat Removal is called liposuction when the fats stored in certain parts of the body are taken under local or general anesthesia.

Liposuction process is performed depending on the patient’s fat distribution, excess weight and also the areas where the patient is complaining about excessive fat. The fat is definitely taken from waist and back. Abdominal, upper leg and thighs are usually the areas where fat is removed during this operation. As a result, I slenderize the waist area. This is the first move of surgery.

The Second Stage of Surgery; Liposuction, Fat Removal

It is the stage of injecting the fats taken in order to ensure the fullness of the buttock.

Removed fat is filled into the buttock much more into the upper part of the buttock by a special cannula. In this way, the desired fullness occurs. As a result, the buttock is raised and upright.

Buttock Fat Injection Surgery Process

The main determinant of the surgical process is the liposuction stage. In other words, depending on how much fat has been taken, the patient stays in the hospital for 1 or 2 days. Postoperative corsets are used to prevent edema and fluid accumulation in the liposuction area. The corset is used for 1 month.

We supply special pillows so that the injected fats are not subjected to pressure, and these pillows should be used for 2-3 weeks and then the patient can continue his / her normal life.

Theoretically, 60% of the injected fat remains after surgery. The rest melts over time and disappears. According to this, after a few months after the edema, the body shows itself.