Breast Reduction Surgery/Reduction Mammaplasty

Breast reduction surgery not only improves the shape and size of the breast but also provides a permanent solution to the problems that patients often complain about, such as neck and back pain caused by oversized breasts. The excess size of the breasts may occur in the postadolescent period and may reach a serious dimension in the period after pregnancy. Another group of patients does not know the solution to the problem and after a long period of neck and back pain, a physical therapist sends a patient to a plastic surgeon.

Proper Patient Selection

As it is understood from the above statement, patients applying for breast reduction surgeries should be evaluated in three groups. 1-The young patient group who is more socially and psychologically uncomfortable because of their large breasts during adolescence. These patients suffer from unhappiness about their body images while on the other hand, they find it difficult to find and wear appropriate clothes, and they fear being mocked by friends and co-workers. 2- Middle-aged patients who have tolerated the problem of breast size in the pre-pregnancy period to some extent, but who suffer from social-psychological problems as well as head-neck pain after excessive growth with pregnancy and breast-feeding. 3- Group of patients with advanced age that has left the social-psychological problems of breast size behind them, and even after early pregnancy has been accustomed to being folded to the head and neck pain after a while, but she could no longer ignore these problems with the onset of osteoclasis and she came to the plastic surgeon with the guidance of a physical therapist. The body shapes of these patients have a slightly humped shape with the shoulders forward to compensate for the body weight centers that the breast size changes.


Breast reduction surgery is an operation that lasts 3-4 hours, depending on the technique. It is applied under general anesthesia. Breast reduction operations can be performed with different techniques. In the most commonly applied method, the incision around the breast nipple travels in a vertical direction downward and extends horizontally in two directions in the undercut fold. After the lifting the nipple sufficiently and the excess breast tissue is removed, the skin areas on both sides are joined together under the breast and sutured to the new place. There is a very popular method in recent years where only vertical incisions are used, the Vertical Breast Reduction, the incision ends under the breast zone and no horizontal incision is made in both directions. In this method, the expand and opening and accumulating along the vertical incision line is expected in 4-6 weeks after the surgery. Therefore, the patient needs a longer waiting time and patience.

After Breast Reduction Surgery

The postoperative period of breast reduction surgery is similar to breast lift operations. After a period of about 2-3 days, patients can take a shower and wear normal clothing. The patient should stay away from activities that will force herself for 1-2 weeks after the operation. About a month later, she can return to sporting activities.