Eyebrow Lifting

What is Eyebrow liftting surgery?

Skin texture ages due to various factors and lose its flexibility. With the use excessive mimication and of gravity, a number of problems arise such as sagging of the skin around the forehead and around the eye, skin build-up on the upper eyelid and the formation of wrinkles at the eye edge.
As a solution to such problems, these surgeries are easily performed by endoscopic surgery that is widely used in aesthetic surgery. In eyebrow lifting operations, aesthetic surgeries are performed without an incision.


How is Eyebrow liftting surgery performed?

Eyebrow lifting can be performed under local or general anesthesia. During the procedure, with 3 pieces of the incision of 2-3 cm on scalp reaching to operating zone by using the special surgical instruments. From the area determined by the camera in the surgical instrument, the forehead tissue is removed from the bone to a higher level and the operation is completed by positioning it in its new location.


After Brow Lift Surgery?

After the surgery, the bandage remains on the zone for about 2 days. Although mild swelling and bruising around the eye is normal, these complaints pass after 1 week. The most important advantage of this method is that it does not cause any sensation in the zone and the recovery is usually very fast.