Eyebrow transplantation (FUE)

Essentially, the cultivation of the eyebrows, which are not different from the normal transplantation processes, is an operation that has no medically harm or side effects. In the appropriate area called the donor zone (usually the nape is preferred), a procedure is performed in which the hair follicles are removed and transferred by special micro-motor punches. This is not a technique which we use a surgical knife.

What is being done before the Eyebrow transplantation operation?

First, the desired eyebrow dimensions of the patient are determined. Then it is calculated how much root should be transferred to provide this size and the eyebrow is determined using the black marker together with the patient. All these processes are done precisely because the smallest number of mistakes in the eyebrow transplantation will be drawn attention where the number of roots is low. After all these operations, the hair roots are transferred to the desired area by the technique mentioned above. The whole operation takes approximately two hours

What should be done after the Eyebrow transplantation operation?

After the operation, the patient should go home and be protected from external factors. This is necessary for the healthy emergence of new roots. The eyebrows that have been transplanted are fallen and encrustated within a week and the eyebrows begin to grow at the end of three months. But total eyebrow growth will be completed within six months.  The success rate of eyebrow transplantation operation is quite high.