Facial Rejuvenation

Facial lifting and rejuvenation surgery

The cases that bother us visually are usually seen after our 30s and wrinkles and sagging appear on our skin.

We try to prevent this by applying creams, skin treatments or filling-botox etc, but in some cases, such applications are not enough and we start to consider facial rejuvenation surgery. However, the effect of aging on the face area is sometimes faster than the other zones and in this case, the content of the surgery is divided into different areas.

Which Surgeries are Recommended in Facial Aesthetics?

  • The total face lifting (rhytidoplasty)surgery,
  • The temporal, forehead lifting surgery
  • The midface liftting surgery,
  • The neck liftting surgery,
  • Eye contour rejuvenescence attempts.
  • Aesthetic eyelid surgeries,
  • Facial Lipo-tissue filling injection.

Thanks to developing technology and applications that vary according to the facial anatomy, it has been possible to perform protecting surgeries that maintain a permanent and natural appearance. Partial rejuvenation surgeries such as temple-forehead lifting, mid-face lifting, neck lifting surgeries have been widely used successfully, which previously non-agenda, and the use of endoscopy, which has become widespread in recent years, has saved us from making long skin incisions to stretch certain areas of the face.
My advice to people who think about surgery for facial aesthetics; The intervention planned by your doctor according to your face will be the most accurate surgery for you.