Lipo Shaping (Shaping by using Fat)

Did you know that the secret of looking healthy and beautiful is subcutaneous fat?

When the fat in the body is mentioned, the subject is usually the fat in the unwanted areas, the target is to lose weight and get rid of them. However, it is a subcutaneous fat tissue that shapes both our body and our face, and very few people are aware of its positive effect.

Fat tissue is composed of fat cells and fat cells do not form after puberty, and as we gain weight, fat cells grow and shrink. Genetically, the fat distribution in our body may vary, while our arms are thin, our legs may be thick, while our waist is fat, our hips can be flat.

It is the subcutaneous fat tissue that brings out not only our body but also the lines of our faces. Some have congenital rounded lines or may have a large forehead, while in others, cheekbones are not evident or lips may be thinner compared to the rest of the face.

Lipo Shaping is a two-step procedure in which liposuction and Fat Injection procedures are performed together.  Fat is removed by vacuum using vaser lipo technique and injected into needed areas.

The Effect of Age

Although the person in their 30s does not experience weight loss, the fat in the face begins to melt and the image that we call “Deflated balloon” effect emerges. Forehead and chin bone become prominent. The chin line loses its roundness. But the main problem manifests itself in the middle face. When the area starting from under eyes to the upper lips extending is emptied, the descending lines begin to form from under-eye bruises and bags and leading down from the wings of the nose on both sides. These are not only aesthetically problems but the person also looks older and tired. Unfortunately, concealer creams cannot provide a permanent or relaxing solution. The only and permanent solution is the Lipofilling. In addition to Lipofilling injection, lifting (temple, mid-face, neck) is also applied when face rejuvenation is performed.

Weight Loss

People who want to get rid of the belly and hip fat mostly face a saggy face when they reach their goals. Because unfortunately, when losing weight we do not know from which area we will lose weight.  In women, it is usually accompanied by breast and middle face sagging. Even the form of the hip may be impaired.

Whom does Lipo Shaping Applied?

People who are unhappy with their facial or body contours. In order to emphasize the fullness and rounded line; at the face: cheekbones, under the eyes and lips. On the body: Lipofilling injected into the cleavage and buttocks.

Lipo Shaping – Fat Injection, Where and How?

Lipo Shaping i.e. Fat Injection is a method used to shape the body and face. As the person’s own tissue is used, there are no side effects.

When the patient comes to us with the above complaints, we apply Lipo Shaping surgery as the only permanent solution. Our patient may complain about his/her excess weight, it is not a problem as he/she will already have a Vaser Lipo operation. In the meantime, with the fat taken wile liposuction are filled to the face, lips or breasts. For example, 6 liters of fat is taken from the patient 30 ccs is applied to the under-eyes area and lips or just the amount required for Lipo Shaping (max. 50 ccs for face) is taken and applied to the required places.

If the breast or buttocks enlargement is applied, the amount of fat taken should be higher than that (eg 1 lt).

In this way, we use the fat injection to reduce the impact of aging by turning the sagging or ringed eyelid into a fuller and healthier appearance and opening any deepened facial lines.

At the same time, we are using a taken fat as a lip filler for our patients who want to have fuller lips, to make lips plump and full. The effect of fat taken during Vaser lipo and transferred to the mentioned areas is permanent. This permanence Surgeon Doctor İlker Manavbaşı provides by the spreading technique. The transferred cells continue to live comfortably in their new places by feeding. It is not necessary to repeat the operation.

After Liposhaping

Lipo Shaping is a very simple intervention, with the use of small cannulas, the adipse is absorbed with very slight pressure, so the surrounding tissues are not damaged. Wave-shaped irregularities do not occur during recovery in the area. In the places where fat is taken, during recovery period any wave-shaped irregularities do not occur. Since the transferred area is entered with a very small tipped cannula, there are no scars on body area.

There is some edema in the area where fat is transferred. The patient comes to medical control 3 days after the surgery and the bandages are removed. The edema will be unnoticeable in 10 days. The first 2 weeks after the operation of the patient, the fullness felt at the filling place is not fat it is edema. You should wait at least 1 month to see the actual result.

Our patients should consume plenty of fluid after the operation and they should move more.

The most natural solution we use to reverse the effect of years is the Lipo Shapping.

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