What is lipofilling?

The Lipofilling injection is the delivery of fat cells taken from one location of the body to another. The given fat cells continue to live in their new location and serve as a filler there. On this procedure patient’s fat cells taken from the area decided by the doctor are injected into the required areas, usually below the skin of the face.

Why lipofilling?

Soft tissue support, which gives body and face contours, may be reduced due to age or weight loss. This result mostly seen as circles under eyes make the person look tired and older than he/she is. In the body, support may be needed for the buttocks and breast.  In this case, the filling materials come to our rescue. Among the biological fillers, the most preferred is the patient’s own fat tissue. In this method, the fat taken from the abdomen, waist or thigh is transferred to the problematic areas by special injectors; In this way, the facial areas such as lip, cheekbone, and chin are adapted to fullness and facial contour deep and wrinkles are removed by providing volume. While taking the fat cells of the person, healthy stem cells are also taken with the fat cells and injected to the person. Thus, a freshness, vitality, and shine are obtained in the skin structure of the injected area with the stimulating and refreshing effect of fresh stem cells. Therefore, fat tissue injections can be considered as a self-vaccination.

How is fat applied?

When this procedure is applied, the areas where the fat will be taken and injected are numbed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. After removal of fat tissue with a thin liposuction cannula (fat suction), it is transferred with special injectors to an area that requires support. Cells should not be damaged during transfer. It is very important to use The cells should not contact with air, the size of the injectors to which the fat are applied and the applied pressure, as well as the tools and techniques used,  are very important.

Where to apply?

We use fat transfer to round the facial and forehead contours, to plump the lips, to accent the cheekbones, to remove the lines formed on the edge of the mouth and on the hands with age, to enlarge the lower chin, to remove the scars and burn marks, and to correct the contours of the skin. At the same time, it is possible to transfer fat to support breast cleavage or to round the buttock. The results of the application are permanent.

Before and After Application

There is no need to stay in the hospital after the intervention except for the combination (other aesthetic surgery such as rhinoplasty in addition to fat injection), the patient can go home on the same day. The patient may return to between his / her social life within 1 and 3 days depending on the procedure to be performed. It is natural to have edema after the operation in places where fat has been injected. It is more prominent, especially on lips. This edema will pass spontaneously in a few days and its aesthetic visual final form will be set within about 10 days later.

Contribution to our lives

A general rejuvenation and freshness occur in the skin. The thinned skin will be plumped, the dried skin will be moisturised, thin wrinkles and spots are reduced. When applied correctly, the results of the lipofilling are permanent. In this way, you can have a permanent targeted outlook without an incision.