Liposuction by Vaser Liposuction

vaser liposuction

Liposuction by Vaser Liposuction

Liposuction, in the very general term, is a body fat removal operation through special cannulae. Approximately 4-5 mm incisions are made as much as the cannula can enter on the skin, therefore, it is a no scarsable operation.

Vaser Liposuction;

Vaser Liposuction is a third generation fat absorption (liposuction) technique. The goal; is the removal of fat cells by using special sound waves to fat tissue. The FDA approved (US Food and Drug Administration) method is an application that helps the body remove fat that cannot be removed by diet and sports.

The recent advances in medicine have shown that the use of sound waves in fat absorption technology is much more successful than by mechanical fat absorption or laser absorption. Therefore, Surgeon Doctor İlker Manavbaşı has been using vaser liposuction technique in his patients for the last two years.

What is fat of our body needed for?

As long as the fat in our body is in healthy proportions, it is a very important energy store for us. It is necessary for the proper functioning of our metbolism and the balanced synthesis of hormones. When we get sick, when we exert a lot of effort, when our body is tired, our fat stores are activated and help the body function regularly. In addition, it protects us against mechanical shocks. In addition to all of these functions, due to unhealthy eating habits or not enough movement or due to genetic predisposition we sometimes store excess fat in our body.

Well, what about excess fat?

Excess fat in the body creates serious problems for health as well as limiting mobility. The person, who is already physically inactive, becomes lazier due to excess fat and continues to gain weight. A person walks into a vicious circle, he/she gets tired quickly, can’t climb stairs and has a hard time doing sports. Weight loss by dieting seems to be a solution, but a healthy diet to reach the target weight with too much weight is both physically and psychologically exhausting.

Vaser liposuction technique, which we offer as a solution to the people in this situation, is a gift to us from ever developing medical technology.

Vaser Liposuction

Over time, liposuction techniques, which mean fat sucking, have changed with the advancement of medicine to the benefit of the patient.

In the classical method, ie first generation fat removal method, the fats in our body were smashed mechanically after being inflated with serum and taken out by vacuum. However, this method was dependent on the practice of the doctor, and it could have caused sagging when the excess fat was removed. In fact, the liposuction method, which mechanically smashed the fat, can cause vein and nerve damage, but the sound waves used in the vaser liposuction technique do not have such side effects.

In order to minimize the side effects of liposuction surgery, laser-lipo technique, that is, laser technology was developed by means of laser removal method, but reaching the targeted results were made possible by the third generation vaser liposuction. Because the laser liposuction method, which we can see as the second generation, always had the possibility of skin burns during surgery even in careful hands.

Now with vaser liposuction, undesirable fat areas in the skin’s lower layers are reached by sound waves and these tissues are liquefied and disintegrated. The fat tissue located immediately under the skin and that gives the shape to the body is not damaged by this process. Thus, skin sagging, fluctuation, roughening is not experienced.

Bleeding and bruising does not occur because the blood vessels are less affected. The period of recovery of the tissue that is less damaged during the surgery is also shortened. The patient returns to normal life in a shorter time.

Moreover, since the convenience of use of the vaser liposuction technique saves time in obtaining the fat by a doctor, the patients remain under anesthesia for a shorter period of time.

Thanks to this technique, which was successfully used by Surgeon Doctor İlker Manavbaşı, it was possible to obtain fat by working gracefully from body parts that could not be entered before. So it became easier to shape the areas like the inside of the arms and legs. In this way, more subtle actions on the body can be made; the fat taken can be transfered to the necessary areas. Thanks to Lipo Shaping (shaping of the body with fat) waist is created with more clarity on women, while the fat taken from men`s belly the six pack image can be given to the abdomen.

Lipo Shaping is the process of transferring body fat to areas from where it is more to where it is less.

How much fat can be taken at once with vaser liposuction?

The answer to this question depends entirely on the patient’s health and needs.

Liposuction is performed to accomplish three purposes:

1-) People who have a normal weight and who have a regional fat collection,

2-) People who have the contour irregularities of certain parts of the body, the liposuction of the fat taken to those areas should be re-injected,

3-) People who are overweight and cannot get results with other weight loss methods. These patients have more than one area of liposuction on the operation.

At the end of the 1970s when liposuction was first applied, the amount of taken fat was about 1-1.5 liters. During the operation, in addition to the fat, inevitably blood tissue was absorbed from the patient. That limited the amount of removed fat since it was considered a health problem. The reason for this historical fact is that liposuction surgery leads to a negative reputation among people.

Nowadays, thanks to our progressive medical knowledge, by injecting serum containing certain drugs into the surgical field, the bleeding during the operation has been reduced to very low amounts and the amount of fat taken has increased by about 10-15 lt in proportion.

In fact, thanks to the encouraging results, the upper limit of the amount of fat to be removed have been eliminated.

Now, we do not say to our patients that first lose your weight, then let’s do liposuction. In this way, an application is meaningless when 10-15 lt of fat is already taken. In this way, the liposuction procedure is performed for the purpose of slimming. However, patients with high amounts of fat are required to be in good health.

Removal of 10 liters or more fat of people with certain diseases (heart, diabetes, high blood pressure) is avoided. Here, it is the basic practice to determine the patient’s risk, rather than the risk of the procedure.

Surgery Planning

Our patients who decide to have a Vaser Liposuction should make an appointment in our clinic for an examination and they should openly share all the problems related to their bodies during their interview with Surgeon Doctor İlker Manavbaşı.

The Vaser Liposuction can be applied to the abdomen, waist, back, shank, upper leg, lower leg or delicate places as knee and ankle area, upper arm, under the chin and jowl.

The solution to the situation in which male fat accumulation is called as gynecomastia is the vaser liposuction operation.

If the person has a sagging breast or abdominal sagging, the operation plan is also added the breast lift surgery or Abdominoplasty / Abdomen lifting surgery.

The patient should inform his/her doctor about all the medicines he/she uses, and some medication should be discontinued before surgery. Aspirin should not be used with 1 week prior to surgery.

Postoperative Period

Will scars remain after Vaser Liposuction surgery?

As a plus to features listed above the Vaser liposuction can be used in a short time and easily, and remove excess fat from a singular area or in a combined form. With the help of special cannulae, incisions of approximately 4-5 mm are made as much as the cannula can enter in the skin to extract fat from the body, incisions recover easily. This is an operation without any scars.

As seen after each operation, some edema is normal after vaser liposuction and it starts to show the effect of liposuction with the stroke of edema. Although the withdrawal of the edema from the surgical field depends entirely on the personal characteristics of the person, we expect this effect after the average 10th day. The corset we use for 1 month after surgery is very useful in limiting edema. Our patients can do air travel on the 3rd day, if you are going to be operated in summer, it is enough to protect the scars from the sun for a while. For the first month, except walking, sports should not be done. Sports activities can be started after 1 month.

It is now possible to get rid of your stubborn weight painlessly and easily and to have a healthy and beautiful life.

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