Male Liposuction

Although it is true that women are interested in fat removal operations, men are also interested in liposuction as much as women. Thanks to the more successful aesthetic operations, every individual who wants to have a young and dynamic body prefers fat removal operation.

Men do not pay as much attention to what they eat as women do, and they prefer more fatty food in high calorie. This situation causes excessive degradation of the body and fat formation. A large portion of the fat is taken in the liposuction application, which is mostly applied to the belly region.

Liposuction Application

For the operation to be successful, it is important that the body is tight. The important process begins after the operation. The operation is completed with the removal of the fat in the region with the help of a vacuum. However, if the person does not comply with the diet list and practices given by the doctor, the body may become worse than the old view. In men, post-treatment improvement is faster than women. If necessary, the patient stays in hospital for 1 day after the operation. However, under normal conditions, patients are discharged on the same day. In addition to this, the use of corsets or tight socks is important for the tightening of the body. After 1 month, the body begins to recover. Pain and swelling may occur after the operation. These symptoms improve throughout the treatment.

Another problem that males experience is breast growth. Thanks to Liposuction operation, the fat in the chest area is taken in a short time. This technique includes the same processes as the technique applied to women.

Liposuction applied regions

The most preferred surgery after nasal surgery is fat removal.

For men;

  • The fattiest area is the abdominal region of the body. Therefore, this operation is most commonly performed in the abdominal region.
  • Another region is the breast region. As a result of genetic defects or hormonal disorders, excessive growth in the chest is observed. Thanks to the fat removal method, the tissue in the breast is removed.

It is possible both for men and for women to have a fit and attractive appearance after a short operation called fat removal operation. Post-operative pain and swelling are predicted side effects. Before deciding to undergo a fat removal operation, a specialist surgeon should be consulted. Although it seems to be a short operation, the choice of a doctor with second-hand information is a risk for the health of the individual. Another important point in choosing a doctor is the good communication between the doctor and the patient. The patient should say what kind of aesthetics he wants and the doctor should inform the patient well about the operation process.