Mustache transplantation (FUE)

In case of hair loss in the upper lip or in cases where there is no hair, definitive treatment is mustache transplantation. The method used in the transplatation of mustache is the same as the method used in the treatment of baldness.  Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), which is the most advanced method of technology in hair transplantation today, achieves very successful results by using it in mustache transplantation.

How is mustache transplantation performed?

In mustache transplantation, firstly, the hairy skin is removed from the nape area by the FUE method and the hair follicles are removed one by one. The hair follicles are removed from the skin layer and transferred to the area where the mustache transplantation will be done. When performing mustache transplantation, replacement of the hair follicles at the optimum angle to the direction of the mustache is minded. In addition, hair follicles are transferred not very close to each other so they can be fed sufficiently and the hair follicle frequency is adjusted very well. Transfered hair follicles begin to grow after an average of 5 months

Mustache transplantation

FUE method used in mustache transplantation is not an operation. In FUE method, special tools called “punch” with a thickness of 0.6mm are used to take the hair roots. With the use of these tools, the damage to the tissue taken from the hair root is kept to a minimum.  During and after the application of this method, pain, wound, infection, bleeding, wound opening and scarring is not the case.

What are the advantages of mustache transplantation?

The fact that it does not leave any scars and painless is the most important plus side of the operation of the mustache transplantation. In addition to treatment of very sparse mustache transplantation, it is also well suited for the closure of birthmarks and burnmarks on the upper lip. It can be said that the price of mustache transplantation is very reasonable since there are fewer hair root transfers than during the baldness treatment.