Neck Lift Aesthetics

Neck lift surgeries are usually performed as part of facial rejuvenation surgeries, but also can be applied individually in cases where the problem is only in double chin region.


Applied Methods

Under normal conditions, the angle between the chin and neck is more pronounced and right, some methods are applied to recover the expanding over the years enlarged and distorted skin form its current appearance. One of these methods to remove excess fat on the neck, stretch the neck muscles by stitching them to each other, remove the excess skin by stretching the skin through skin incision provided around the earlobe, increase the clarity by placing a prosthesis on the tip of the chin and cut the excess neck skin.

Which is the Right Method for You?

The methods to be applied to each surgical candidate are different. In this context, not every method is applied to each candidate as a standard. In some cases, to achieve the result is possible by using several of the methods mentioned above, while in some cases neck lifting is carried out by using all of the methods.

What you should know about neck lift surgery

The liposuction procedure, which was previously applied as a standard, was found to be not necessary for every patient with subsequent studies, and in some cases, it was seen to cause more harm than good. “V” lift procedure is also used when necessary but this method alone does not provide a significant correction and it generally stands out as a complementary method.

Postoperative Period

The neck lifting operation is painless, with a few days of uneasiness and a feeling of tightness in the neck during eating. It is recommended to use neckband for 1-2 weeks in this period. The stitches are taken within 5-7 days and the patient returns to normal life after this period.