Nose Skin Thinning Surgery

B Thickness of the nasal skin on the nasal bone is a structural feature. The thick skin on this region makes the nose look much fuller and larger than it is. This disturbs most people. In fact, even if the nasal bone is small, the nose appears much larger because of the structural feature of the skin. For this type of nose, several procedures are required prior to the surgery. In these procedures, the nose skin can be thinned during specific sessions using a special laser device called the nasal skin fractional laser. This procedure is a method that is frequently applied before the nose operations to be applied to the thick skinned noses. Fractional laser procedure appears to be quite effective on thick skin. It is a method which enables the plastic surgeon to carry out the operation more comfortably and beautifully in the stage of preparing the patient for surgery.

Before the nasal skin thinning surgery is applied, the person is informed about the thinning in the plastic surgeon and the operation continues accordingly. It should be noted that the thickness of the skin originates from a structural condition. At this stage, the slimness to be applied should be performed in a way considered appropriate by the surgeon and by performing the shaving of the inside of the tissue as much as possible.

The disadvantage of these people with a thick skin is that the sharp lines and angles formed are not well reflected to outwards. In order to better express this condition, the skin is shaved inside and an extra cartilage tissue is added to the nose tip.

The healing process and getting rid of the edema occurring after the operation of patients with thick skin tissue take place more slowly. When the nasal tip and the nasal ridge are made even smaller, the skin tissue can have difficulty in wrapping the newly formed roof. The noses of the people in this group should be made smaller proportionally. If the cartilage as well as the skin is thick, the surgeon’s work is easier at this stage. In patients with thick skin, nasal downsizing can be achieved by enlarging the roof of the nose. However, it should be taken into consideration that in such patients the edema will gradually disappear, and this will take longer than the other patients.