Piezo Rhinoplasty

Today, the patients who want to have an aesthetic appearance or who have difficulty in breathing because of their innate nasal bone curvature have a rhinoplasty operation. But, rhinoplasty is the fearful dream of most patients. Especially, swelling and bruises appear around the face and eyes, pain and bleeding after the operation can cause a difficult process for patients. However, thanks to the developing technology, the number of technological materials used in aesthetics and ease of use increase. Thanks to the piezo surgery method, the fear and anxiety felt against the rhinoplasty is now over. With this new method, the bones can be easily shaped by the help of ultrasonic sound waves.

Thanks to the tissue selectivity characteristic, the tissues around the bone are not damaged and the bleeding rate during surgery is greatly reduced. At the end of the operation, there is a decrease in bruises and swelling.

Advantages of Piezo Rhinoplasty

  • Dramatically reduced bleeding rate
  • Significant reduction in bruising and swelling after surgery
  • Short-lived swelling
  • Easy shaping of bones
  • Fast recovery time
  • Feeling less pain

Specially developed silicone tampons are used after surgery. This allows the patient to breathe comfortably. The patient is hospitalized for 1 day after the operation. After discharge, the patient can remove the tampon in the nose after 1 week. At the end of this process, there is no harm if the patient returns to work and social life.

Piezo rhinoplasty prices vary depending on the patient’s condition and required procedures. Although prices are slightly above normal rhinoplasty, it should always be taken into consideration that health is always important. In addition to this, for a successful rhinoplasty, internal function is as important as external appearance of the nose. Therefore, before the operation. you must apply to a successful physician who has achieved success in the field, renews himself / herself and is aware of the developments in the field. Choosing a good physician before the price is the most important step before entrusting your nose, which is one of your most important body areas throughout your life.