Prices for Nasal Aesthetic (Rhinoplasty)

What is Nasal Aesthetic Surgery (Rhinoplasty) ?

The nasal aesthetic surgery (rhinoplasty); the operation of the nose in order to change the appearance of the nose according to the demands of the patient is called rhinoplasty or nasal aesthetic surgery. Rhinoplasty is the most popular aestathical operation in Turkey. The purpose of nasal aestheticis is to correct the shape of the nose and to get an aesthetic appearance of the nose. While aiming the aestethic appearance, the most important condition is to keep the breathing function -the vital function of the nose- unharmed


Functional Nasal Aesthetic Surgery (rhinoplasty)

The patient may already have problems with breathing due to a nasal constitution – that is, congenital or resulting from a bump. A successful plastic surgeon should include his / her interventions in the surgical procedure in order to solve this problem when planning the nasal surgery. In this case, the name of the operation will be functional nasal aesthetics surgery. The problem of breathing is eliminated during plastic surgery. Our patient would achieve both appearances he/she wished as well as a nose breathing healthly.

How is rhinoplasty surgery performed?

If the nose is wide it will be narrowed, if there is a discomfortable nasal hump on the facial profile the nose will be corrected during the surgery. Nasal tip will be taken to the desired level. There are 2 methods of rhinoplasty: open and closed. In closed nasal surgery, all incisions are inside the nose. The open nasal aesthetic surgery technique is more preferred by most plastic surgeons as it allows the vision of the surgeon to perform surgery and facilitates the intervention on the middle cartilage of the nose. Thanks to the modern methods used in both rhinoplasty surgery methods, our patients have a more comfortable postoperative healing process.

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How To Determine Nose Shape In rhinoplasty?

In order to understand the nasal anatomy of the patient for nasal surgery operation, the patient should have a preoperative examination. Preoperatively, Surgeon Doctor İlker Manavbaşı decides the shape of the nose on computer screen together with the patient based on the anatomy of the nose and facial type of the patient by using special software programs.

Factors Affecting the Shape of Nose:

1. Thin or thick skin of the patient. It is a genetic trait, while thin-skinned patients rarely occur, mixed-skinned and thick-skinned patients are the most common in Turkey. Normally, it may take from 6 to 9 months after the nasal surgery to get the final shape of the nose, while in thin skinned patients the nose shape is determined immediately after the operation. People with thick skin will have more swelling, so it takes longer for the nose to get the final shape.

2. Wide or narrow nose wings: Another variable is the nose wings. Nasal aesthetic surgery does not always involve an intervention in the opening of the nasal wings. If the patient’s nose wings are wide and this creates aesthetic concerns, the surgical plan can also include the step of cutting these wings externally.

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Application of the Shape During Surgery

Doctor İlker Manavbaşı agrees on the shape with the patient according to the patient’s request and takes into account the shape of the chin, cheekbones, and forehead which are most suitable for the facial proportions. There are some patients who want to have their nose tip-tilted or curved, as there are the patients who are the foreground of the naturalness. The subject of Surgeon Doctor İlker Manavbaşı’s focus on precision is to reveal the nose that best fits the face of everyone. The nose that has been drawn is also poured into the surgical procedure with a technique developed by himself. Thanks to this technique, it is ensured that the shape of the nose, which is determined together with the patient, will be reproduced as a result of surgery exactly to the millimeter.

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After Rhinoplasty Surgery

When the nose surgery is finished, silicone splints are placed in your nose instead of a nasal tampon and a plastic protector is fixed on the nose. This protector piece acts as a gypsum and protects the newly operated nose from bumps. For the first 3 nights, we recommend that you sleep on a high pillow and put a cold towel on your face, iced compresses can trigger sinusitis on our patients. (Not only we just saying that but we also recommend that you look at the comments of our patients who had undergone nasal surgery when you came to our office. Please click here for comments…) Again, thanks to the techniques of nose surgery developed by Surgeon Doctor İlker Manavbaşı, there are no bleeding or bruises. If the patient is inclined to edema, ie body swelling, we apply appropriate treatment methods. Thus our patients return to their social lives as soon as possible. One week after the surgery, the splints in the nose can be easily removed and our patient does not feel any discomfort or pain. The stabilizer on the nose is also removed in the meantime. Your doctor fixes the nose with skin colored tapes and sends you home and these tapes are also taken off during the 2nd control at the second week after the surgery.

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To get information about rhinoplasty prices please fill out the form on the side section…

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