Prominent Ear Surgery

What is prominent ear correction surgery?

Prominent ear surgery; is performed in order to correct the deformity of the ear due to the weak development of the ear cartilage. The prominent ears do not affect the hearing function and only disturb the person psychologically due to the external appearance. In order to correct the aesthetic appearance of the ear, prominent ear surgery is performed. It is recommended to perform surgery at the age of 5-6 as the ear cartilage is much softer and ear development is completed at these ages.

How is prominent ear surgery performing?

The prominent ear surgery applicable under general anesthesia for children and under local or general anesthesia for adults. In order to reach the ear cartilages, through an incision behind the ear the folding sutures which do not melt are passing through the cartilage structure and thus, the ear folds are formed that correct the deformity of the ear. In addition to the deformity of the ear, if the eardrum is tilted forward, this part is approached back by using non-melting sutures and a smooth appearance is obtained. The surgical procedure for the operation can last from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

After prominent ear surgery

After the operation of the prominent ear fixing surgery, the area where the procedure is performed is wrapped with an elastic bandage and the patient can return home on the same day. One week after the surgery, the wrapped bandages are removed, and the patient uses a special tape for two weeks after the patient’s condition has been checked. It is important to use the tennis band, especially when lying down to get a full result from the surgery. Shortly after surgery, the patient can easily return to daily life.