Temporal & Forehead Lifting

The Temporal, Forehead Lifting Surgery

In time, the skin loses its elasticity in the face area, the skin takes a sagging appearance and the surgical removal of this slack tissue is called facelift surgery. When our patients who applied to us to want to look younger, we consider the face, middle face, chin and neck as three zones. In order to perform a balanced facial rejuvenation surgery, these zones should be evaluated separately. The aging of the face can occur in different regions at different times. While many of people the forehead or neck are previously aged, in another patient group, there may be serious sagging on the mid-face area and under-eye bags. Usually, in any of these three zones signs of aging begin to appear in their 30s and a facelift of one of these areas is sufficient. As the patient`s age increases, signs of old age appear in other zones of the face. In this case, total facelift surgery is appropriate and may be valid for the condition of patients around the age of 50 years. The operations performed in order to remove the lines, low eyebrow appearance and remove bagginess on the upper eyelids are called forehead-temple lifting surgery. Depending on the sagging of the forehead, the eyebrows also lose their firmness, which demonstrates the person tired, unhappy, irritable. At the edges of the eye, the formation of lines called crow’s-feet. In the upper eyelids, the majority of patients complaining of sagging and swelled are considered more suitable to forehead-temple lifting surgery, and sometimes two procedures may be necessary.

Who would it be applied?

  • The forehead-temple lifting is done
  • For people, whose have horizontal and vertical lines on their foreheads,
  • For people, whose upper eyelids are baggy,
  • For people, whose Eyebrows appear to be low,
  • For people, whose forehead-hairline intersection is located far backwards.


Which Methods Are Used?

One of the operation ranges is applied to the patient : *Depending on the severity and prevalence of old age symptoms in this zone; *Botox eyebrow lifting, *Eyebrow lifting via “V” lift, *Deep or superficial plan temporal lifting, *Aesthetic eyelid surgery with forehead lifting, * Endoscopic forehead-temple lifting, Classical forehead lifting. Your doctor will determine the method suitable for you.

Which of these methods is suitable for you?

Line formation in the forehead is seen in people who often use eyebrow lift as a facial expression. In this case, forehead and/or temple lifting surgery is planned considering the arch-end of the eyebrow. In patients with low eyebrows in certain areas, only the necessary areas of the eyebrows are lifted. For this, botox injection, eyebrow lifting made with “V” lifting and superficial or deep plan temple lifting can be applied. Botox injection is a practical procedure that can be applied in the practice office. Eyebrow lifting by “V” lifting is performed under local anesthesia upon request, and the temporal lifting operation can be performed under general anesthesia or sedation under local anesthesia. After surgery in this area, there is almost no bruising, swelling and pain.

What are the postoperative complications?

The problems such as asymmetry on the eyebrows, not getting up enough, or excessive lifting are special complications for this zone. Another problem is muscular paralysis on the forehead, which may be transient or permanent as a result of cutting the nerve that stimulates the muscles in the forehead. However, in the hands of an experienced surgeon, such problems are not encountered.