Thread lift Silhouette Soft


What is thread lift Silhouette Soft?

The FDA-approved SILHOUETTE SOFT® thread lift developed in the US is a face-lift system with the latest innovations. This lift system is completely organic and disappears without leaving any residues in the body. Thanks to SILHOUETTE SOFT®’s unique new technology, you can get rid of the sagging face and get a lifted face again. SILHOUETTE SOFT® provides an effect lasting up to 18 months with approximately 30 minutes of treatment by a doctor. With the method called “three point technique,” it can be applied quickly. The most important difference in SILHOUETTE SOFT® hreads is their ability to reach an effective and natural result with just a few pairs of thread applications.



To whom does Silhouette Soft thread apply to?

In time, the first finding of gravity on the human face is the displacement of the cheek tissue downwards. With the cheek tissue sagging down, hollowness, pits, and rings under the eye occur. Then, with the fall of the cheek tissue, the lines which are called “Nasolabial Groove” that extend from the nose wings to the lip corner become deeper and more pronounced. In the advanced phase, deformations and sagging of the tissue in the chin line as the mouth edges turn downwards can be seen. All this can be reversed in 30 minutes with the thread SILHOUETTE SOFT®. As known, the most important factor in the emergence of aging signs is gravity. Gravity causes the tissues to expand and sag, applying a continuous force in our tissues. The body areas where this sagging is most common are face and breasts in women due to the special tissue structure.

No more negative effects of gravity!

The effect of gravity is one of the main reasons for aging. However, with the silhouette soft application, the effects of gravity on the face can be prevented and compensated. The silhouette soft placed under the skin can help to face tissue to resist the continuous effect of gravity. We can understand this by thinking about the need for women to use a bra from an early age in order to prevent their breasts from sagging. The basis of the practice of silhouette soft is in the same logic. As a result; – In order to prevent the emergence of aging findings at younger ages, the use of silhouette soft has emerged as the most natural and effective method known in order to eliminate the sagging of the face with aging.