What is Chin Filling?

Chin filling is a filling application to eliminate pit appearance on the chin region or to configure the lower face area. Lack of volume on the chin, the fact that the chin is too large compared to the face, the fact that the chin line is not sufficiently obvious, or sagging under the chin are common disorders seen in the chin region.

How is chin filling application carried out?

In the application of the chin filling, among more than more than one filler, the one suitable for the patient is chosen. Then, during the examination, the patient and the area where the filling is applied are examined and the determined dose of the filling is made ready for the application.

After the disinfection process is completed in the area where the patient will be applied to the filling process, the region is became numbed to prevent the feeling of the needles to be applied to the area. Then the appropriate amount of filling is injected and the wrinkles in the area are lost.

Chin filling is an application that lasts approximately 15-20 minutes.

The appearance of the chin filling is seen after the application. Redness and swelling in the injection areas are normal. When these symptoms disappear within 2 days, the chin line will have a better appearance.

The elimination of symmetry disorders in the chin by chin filling is very advantageous for individuals with a fear of surgery. While the desired image is obtained by the application, there is no need to take the operation risk. In addition to this, for patients who are planning to undergo surgery, filling application can be performed in the form of pre-treatment. The patient can see the result of the surgery by looking at himself without having to visualize it before thanks to the filling application.

What should be considered in the application of chin filling?

  • Choosing a comfortable outfit before the application is very important for you to change it when you come home after the application. At this stage, it is very important not to wear clothes that can damage or force the chin area.
  • It is necessary not to contact any cosmetic products to the area for 4-5 hours after the application.
  • If possible, protect the area from cosmetic materials for 1 day.
  • The zone should not come into contact with tonic-like cleaning products containing acid for 2 days.
  • It is another issue that you should pay attention to not to smoke during the time that your doctor tells you before filling application.