What is Forehead Filling?

Forehead filling application is a filling process on the forehead area applied to eliminate lines called forehead line. With the progression of age, an increase in the forehead lines appear. The thickness of the skin tissue also has an important place in the appearance of forehead lines. It can be seen that even if the forehead region is not moved by individuals with dry skin structure or skin tissue lose its moisture, these lines become apparent.

Forehead filling application that is supposed to be performed on the forehead is not applied to any individual whose forehead lines appear. If a person doesn’t have much gestures in normal life and if the forehead lines do not come out clearly when face is not stretched, filling application is not applied to these persons. The reason for this is stated by experts as follows. If there are no forehead lines on a stable forehead unless eyebrows are lifted, because the filling to be applied here would show itself with swelling on the forehead, the filling process cannot be performed in such a case.

The suitable individuals for the application of filling to the forehead area can be expressed as follows.

  • If there are forehead lines without moving face muscles or gesturing
  • If the forehead lines can be seen clearly without lifting the eyebrows
  • In cases where the wrinkles increase significantly, filling application can be carried out easily.


Although it is not possible to apply fillings for those who are disturbed by the forehead lines resulting from gesture movements, Botox application can be freely preferred for this situation.



How is Forehead Filling Applied?

Hyaluronic acid is applied into the lines in the area in the forehead filling application. First, after disinfection, the area is numbed either by local anesthesia or drug ointments to prevent the needles becoming painful at this stage. When the region becomes desensitized, hyaluronic acid injections are made into the region by an expert person.

Forehead filling is an application that shows the immediate effect. Redness appearing on the first day as an effect of the application is eliminated the next day and the best result is then seen. Although this filling application will vary depending on the individual characteristics, its effect can last approximately 9-18 months.